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IPS have extensive commercial and industrial experience. Whether you require system design and installation or Western Power approval for a system larger than 30kw, we can help.

These systems can be an excellent investment with payback times as short as 3 years.


Ongoing financial benefits from installed systems continue to help years after the system has paid for itself. We have installed large scale systems for offices, apartments, industrial premises and supermarkets.

We take pride in providing:

  High Quality Components

  High Quality Finish

  Experienced proven Designs

  Ongoing Support

Good to know:

Commercial Payback

Commercial sized solar systems are more financially viable than ever.


As an example your business can save the cost of the solar power system back in 3 years and then make that money as income in the next 3 years and every 3 years for the life of the system. Systems are designed for an expected 25 year lifespan.

Contact us for a current market estimate.

Quality Components
from Proven Suppliers

We provide independent advice and source our components from a wide range of suppliers to provide you the best possible quality and price.

  • Solarwatt, Solarworld, LG and Sunpower  panels

  • SMA and Fronius inverters

  • Schletter German rail systems, Radiant racking

  • SolarWatt, LG Chem and Sonnenschein Batteries

Design & Finish

Your new solar power system is going to be around for a long time and should look good. We take pride in achieving the best possible finish.


IPS has supplied many systems to clients with high end homes around Perth. We work with owners and Architects to provide the best aesthetic finish.

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