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Battery Systems

These systems will store excess solar power during the day for use at night. In the event of a grid power failure in your street the solar power system will shut down for safety reasons unless you have a backup system in place.


Your backup system can power the basic essentials or the whole house. There are many backup options and the level of back up cover will depend on the battery capacity and your power requirements. 

Storage systems with stand alone capability allow you to function independent of grid power.

We take pride in providing:

  High Quality Components

  High Quality Finish

  Experienced proven Designs

  Ongoing Support

Sonnen Battery Outdoor Enclosure - Copy.

On grid storage

Battery storage with or without a small backup supply capability. These systems will store your excess solar power during the day to be used at night.

The backup is generally only one circuit for essential power in a grid power failure.

Storage with Stand Alone Capability

These robust systems have the capability to run your whole house or business completely independent of grid power.

All in one Power Security.


Trusted Brands we Use

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