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We have over 20 years experience designing and installing residential solar power systems. We treat every project individually and provide a system tailored to your specific requirements.


Our focus is on quality and we only use proven products designed to last.  We do not compete with companies who use the cheapest equipment possible.


Rebates are available and ongoing financial benefits from installed systems continue for many years after the system has paid for itself.

We take pride in providing:

  High Quality Components

  High Quality Finish

  Experienced proven Designs

  Ongoing Support

Good to know:

Rebates & Tarrifs

Rebates are based on solar panel capacity. The rate reduces proportionally every year on Jan 1st until 2030


Feed in tariffs are available from Synergy through its renewable energy buyback scheme (DEBs) and appear as a refund on your electricity bill.
This only applies to residential systems with an inverter size under 5kW.

Contact us for a current market estimate.

Back up systems and storage

These systems will store excess solar power during the day for use at night.
In the event of a grid power failure in your street the solar power system and your BESS, (battery energy storage system) will shut down for safety reasons unless you have a backup system in place.


Your backup system can power the basic essentials or the whole house. There are many backup options and the level of back up cover will depend on the battery capacity and your power requirements.

Quality Components
from Proven Suppliers

We provide independent advice and source our components from a wide range of suppliers to provide you the best possible quality and price.

  • SolarWatt, Sunpower and LG solar panels

  • Fronius, SMA, and Selectronic Inverters

  • Sonnen, GenZ, and Sonnenschein Batteries

Design & Finish

Your new solar power system is going to be around for a long time and should look good. We take pride in achieving the best possible finish.


IPS has supplied many systems to clients with high end homes around Perth. We work with owners and Architects to provide the best aesthetic finish.

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