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About IPS

Independent Power Systems Pty Ltd is a small WA Company with a commitment to quality and service in all aspects of our business.

Our loyalty is to you the client. We provide independent advice and select our equipment from a wide range of suppliers to ensure you get a quality system that is tailored to your specific needs.




Clean energy council accredited designer/installer

Accreditation to design and install, grid connect and stand alone power systems: # A0047115​

 Electrical contractor EC008132

 Police clearance


20+ Years Experience

We have been electrical contracting since 1995. Designing and installing solar, wind and hybrid power systems since 1997 and installing grid connect systems since 1999

Solar Power bw.png

Our History:


Managing Director and founder John Cooke was first accredited to design Hybrid Remote Area Power Systems


First domestic grid connect system and First School grid connect system installed


Achieved BCSE, Accreditation to design and Install Grid Connect and Stand Alone Power Systems


IPS is created and begins supplying Grid Connected and Stand Alone systems

To Date

Hundreds of Power systems of all kinds supplied and installed for Clients including: Public and Private Schools, The Australian Defence Force, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.


  • CER Clean Energy Regulator Inspector

  • Supplying Power Systems of the highest Quality

  • Consulting

  • Installing

  • Inspecting

  • Maintaining

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